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This contract is made by YOOGAME platform members (Member personal data please fill in the registration page, hereinafter referred to as "Party A"),and MAGIC NETWORK PTE. Ltd.,(hereinafter referred to as "Party B"),on the website provided by party B and Party B is now providing and may be provided to party A in the future of Internet-related services and mobile gaming services entered into the contract.
If the party A is a limited capacity person (7 years old but under 20 years old), party A must obtain legal representatives (such as: parents, guardians) of the permission to start to register as a member, if the party A is incapacitated person (under 7 years old), please party A legal representative to replace party A to apply for registration. The consent of party A to this deed and other meanings shall be presumed to have obtained the permission of the legal representative or comply with the requirements stipulated by law.

1. Applicable Scope

Party B provides Party A's mobile game service and other related services (hereinafter referred to as this service). The rights and obligations of Party A and Party B regarding this service are stipulated in accordance with the terms of this contract.

2. Contract Contents

The following shall be deemed to be part of this contract and shall have the same force as this contract:
Party B's advertising or publicity of this service.
Rate table and game management rules. If there is conflict between the contract contents in the preceding paragraph, the explanation should be beneficial to consumers.

3. Definitions and Interpretations

The terms of this contract are defined as follows:
Online game: means that party a network server set up by party B through Internet connection, so that party A and other not specific majority of the simultaneous connection of the game software.
Game website: refers to the website set up by party B to provide this game service.
Game points: refers to the party in accordance with party B's payment method, paid to party a equivalent service costs unit.
Game management rules:The rules of game management refer to the rules made by party B for regulating the way of the game and do not affect the rights and obligations of both parties in the contract.
Game history: Refers to when the first party login to the service to log out of this service, the computer system to the party a game process for the record.
Suspend the game (freeze): means to restrict access to the game site or temporarily limit the use of game account rights, etc., temporarily prohibit party A use of this site provided by the service.
External program(tag-on service): refers to the program which is not provided by party B to influence or change the operation of the online game of party B.
Necessary Cost: Refers to the cost that party B pays for the performance of this contract or has been paid to a third person.

4. Provisions on the right to rescind special contracts for special buyers and sellers

Party A may inform Party B by email or in writing within 7 days after the beginning of the game to terminate this contract without any explanation or expense.Party A may apply to Party B for refund of unused stored value.

5. The change of charging Standard and the relevant regulations of Notification

When the rate is adjusted, party B shall announce the announcement on the game, game website and game landing page 30 days before the date of the scheduled adjustment, and notify party A by email if the party a registered the account. If the rates are adjusted, they shall be charged at the new rate from the effective date of the adjustment; If the new rate is higher than the old rate, the value of party A's already logged in to the gaming website should be calculated at the old rate before the new rate comes into effect. In the case of timing system, the unit of valuation for each time is two hours.

6. The information that this game should contain

Party B shall specify the following items on the game website and package:
According to the game Software classification management rules to indicate the level of game grading and prohibited or suitable for use of the age layer.
Minimum software and hardware requirements for this game.
The right to refund as set out in item 7.
Free or paid information for those who provide safety devices.

7. Game kits and software withdrawal fees

Party A may request a full refund from the original purchaser within seven days after the purchase of the game kit or a paid download of the relevant software. In the preceding paragraph, if the original purchaser does not deal with or cannot handle the business, the party B shall immediately refund the fee in accordance with party A's request.

8. Contract entry into force

Party A's initial registration account after the contract review period, enter the page showing the terms of this contract, and upon the option of "consent", it is presumed that party a agrees to the provisions of this contract.

9. Intellectual Property

All the books and materials on the game website, their copyright, patents, trademarks, business Secrets, other intellectual property rights, ownership or other rights are owned by party B or its owner, except in advance by the legal authorization of party B or its individual rights holders, party A shall not be allowed to reproduce, transmit, modify, edit or otherwise in any form, To be used for any purpose, the offender shall bear all the relevant legal liabilities on his own account.If party A in the game any violation of the Act and any infringement of the intellectual property rights of others, party B May, after receiving the order from the public service and the unit and the judicial organ or other government organs, provide the registration information of the member and the record of its on-line time and game history record without the agreement of party A, and terminate this deed under article 23rd of the contract.

10. Usage and custody of account number and password

Party A in this service registration procedure should set up a set of account number and password, after the game website of party B check confirmation, that is, set this account number and password for the use of party A.
This account must not be changed once set,the password corresponding to the account should be changed according to the modification mechanism provided by party B.
Party A shall be responsible for keeping the account number and password, and shall not transfer, deliver, disclose or lend to the third party the account number and password of the group, if the dispute arises, and the responsibility belongs to the owner, party A should bear the responsibility.
Party B (including customer service personnel, game administrator) shall not ask for Party A's password.
Party B shall retain Party A's account number and electromagnetic record within 30 days after the termination of the contract.
If the contract is terminated and is not due to party A's liability,As long as party A has applied for renewal procedures within that period,Party A has the right to continue to use the original account number and the electromagnetic record attached to the account . At the expiration of the preceding period, party A still fails to renew it, and Party B may delete the account number and all the information attached to it, unless otherwise stipulated in the decree.

11. Notification and handling of illegal use of account number and password

Account password is illegally used when the notice, either party found that the third party illegal use of the account number, or the use of security is abnormal damage to the situation, should immediately notify the other party. Party B receives the notice of party A or party B to notify party A, after the party a confirmed that the case, party B shall suspend the group account number or password of the use of authority, and replace the new account or password to party A. In the foregoing case, party B shall return the stored value deducted by party A, or compensate the corresponding game fee, but if the liability is in party A, this is not the limit.

12. Handling mode of improper transfer of electromagnetic records

If Party A discovers that the account number, password has been illegally used, and the game electromagnetic record has been improperly transferred, should inform party B to verify immediately, after party B verifies the personal identity of party A, should immediately temporarily freeze the group account number, and temporarily limit the relevant online game users on the use of this service rights. Party B shall, at the time of temporarily restricting the right to use the game, immediately notify the third person holding the electromagnetic record in the preceding paragraph with a written or an e-mail to make a statement. If the third party fails to make a statement within 7th from the date of receipt of the notice, party B shall respond directly to the improper transfer of the electromagnetic record to party A, when unable to reply, the other equivalent compensation methods agreed by both parties may be implemented, and the restrictions on the relevant online game users will be lifted after the reply. Only party B provides free safety devices (such as anti-theft cards, telephone locks, etc.) and party A does not use, Party B may directly reply the improper transfer of electromagnetic records to Party A. The third party holding the first electromagnetic record does not agree to party B's handling of the preceding paragraph, Party B may follow the reporting procedure and deal with it through judicial channels. When party B restricts the use of party A in accordance with the first stipulation, party B shall not charge party a fees during the period of restriction. If party A conceals the truth and causes the rights of party B or other online game users to be damaged, he shall bear all the legal liabilities.

13. The Duration of the Game History, Inquiry Method and Cost

Party B shall keep the record of party A's personal game history and keep it for 30 days for party A to inquire. Party A May, in writing, the Internet, or go to party B's service center to apply for inquiry of party A's personal game history, and must put forward and identity documents in accordance with the personal data for inspection, the inquiry cost of NT $200, by party A burden. Party B shall provide party A's personal game history as listed in the first item after receiving the inquiry application from party A, and provide information in seven days by means of storage media such as CD-ROM or magnetic disc or by written and electronic mail.

14. Electromagnetic Recording

All electromagnetic records of this game shall be owned by Party B and Party B shall maintain the integrity of Party A's relevant electromagnetic records. Party A has the right to dominate the electromagnetic records in the preceding paragraph.

15. Protection of Privacy Right

The protection of personal data shall be dealt with in accordance with the personal data Protection Act and relevant laws. Please refer to the Privacy Clause.

16. Information Disclosure

Party B shall provide information about this game on the game website and update it regularly.

17. Connection Quality

Party B's system equipment due to advance planning system maintenance downtime, should be seven days ago in the game website issued a notice, and shall notify Party A when Party A logs in, and release the downtime message during the game. Party B shall ensure that its system equipment, no errors, screen suspension, hysteresis, interruption or can not be connected to the situation. If it is not possible to provide party a service, party B shall return party A has deducted the value of the storage, or to waive the equivalent of the game fees, or to extend the time of the party A to play the game.

18. System Security, Program Vulnerability

Party B shall, in accordance with the provisions of this contract, be responsible for maintaining its own computer system in accordance with the security of technical or professional standards at the time of providing the service. If the computer system or the electromagnetic record is damaged or the computer system is operating abnormally, party B should reply as soon as possible after taking reasonable measures. Party B in violation of the first two provisions, resulting in the loss of party A, party B should be in accordance with the circumstances of damage to party A, bear the responsibility for damages, but party B can prove its no-fault, can reduce its liability. When the second item in the computer system of Party B occurs, Party B shall not charge party A any fees before completing the repair and functioning properly. Party B shall bear the liability for damages in accordance with Party A's damage situation because of the damage caused by the game program loophole. However, if party B proves its no-fault, it can reduce its liability.

19. Game Management Rules

Data transfer :When the company game server is merged, the company has the right to transfer the user's role files to the company's other game servers(However, it does not affect the integrity of Party A's electromagnetic records).
In order to standardize the way of the game, party B shall establish a reasonable and fair game management rules, party A shall abide by Party B's Game management rules (Yoogame Platform Management specification). The rules of game management should be changed according to the procedure of article 22nd.
The rules of game management shall be invalid if one of the following is the case:
(1)Contradict, do not recognize the provisions of this contract.
(2)Depriving or restricting party A's contractual rights. However, party B shall not be subject to this restriction when dealing with matters under the provisions of article 20th.

20. Measures to deal with the violation of the rules of Game Management

Except as otherwise provided in this contract, if there is a fact that party a violates the rules of game management in this game, party B shall announce it in the game website or game, and notify Party A by means of online instant messaging or email. If party A fails to rectify the case after party B's notice,party B may according to the game management rules, according to its plot severity limits party A's game use right. Party B According to game management rules to stop party A's right to play the game, each time not exceeding 7 days. Except for the termination of contract, party B shall dispose of party a according to the rules of game management without affecting the rights of party A under this contract.

21. Right to Appeal

Party A is not satisfied with the connection quality, game management, cost billing and other related service quality provided by Party B, or to party B in accordance with the game management rules of the solution is not convinced, Party A shall, within seven days after the date of receipt of the notice, need to lodge a complaint with party B's service center or email or in writing, and Party B should reply to the result within 15 days after receiving the complaint. Party B shall specify 24-hour complaint service information and email address in the game website or game management rules or service contract.

22. Change of Contract

When Party B modifies this contract, it shall announce it on the first page of the game website and the login page of the game, and notify Party A in writing or by email.
If Party B fails to make a notice and notice in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the change of its contract shall be invalid. Party A shall within 15 days of the arrival of the first notice:
If Party A is not an expression of objection, shall be deemed to Party A accept the contents of Party B's contract changes.
If party a expresses objection, it shall be regarded as the notice of party A to terminate this contract.
The game management rule has one of the following circumstances , its provisions are invalid:
(1)Conflict with provisions of this contract。
(2)Depriving or restricting party A's contractual rights. However, party B shall not be subject to this restriction when dealing with matters under the provisions of article 20th.

23. Termination of Contract and Refund

Party A may terminate this contract at any time by notice to Party B.
At the end of the contract, party B shall refund of unused storage value or game cost of Party A within 30 days after deducting the 30% necessary costs, and may choose cash, credit card, bill of exchange or send the cheque by registered mail.
Refund of unused storage value or game cost of Party A.
If Party A has any of the following material matters, Party B may terminate this contract immediately after notifying Party A in writing or by e-mail:
Use any system or tool to attack or destroy Party B's computer system.
Play the game by using add-in programs, virus programs, game bugs or other violations of fairness and reasonableness.
Verification by the judicial authorities of any wrongdoing committed.
Party B shall be liable for the damage caused by Party A if it is found to be wrong or unable to prove the facts mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

24. Validity of Individual Terms

The invalidity of some or all of any of the provisions set forth in this contract shall not affect the validity of other provisions.

25. Applicable Law and Competent Courts

The interpretation and application of this contract and the relevant rules governing the game, and the rights and obligations between Party A and Party B arising from the use of this service, shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China. If an incident arising from this contract is required for litigation, the parties agree to the Taipei District Court as the first instance jurisdiction court. The provisions in the preceding paragraph shall not exclude the application of Article 47 of the Consumer Protection Act or Article 436 (9) Small Claim Jurisdictional Court of the Code of Civil procedure .

In order to provide better and multiple services and goods, the YOOGAME game platform, under the law, your personal data will be collected, used and managed in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, and provide your information to service providers or related enterprises to ensure that the service quality is provided, and efforts to monitor and ensure that staff in the processing of data with absolute rigor and confidentiality.

Privacy Principles:
1.How and why we collect your personal data
2.How do we use your profile and the choices you can make about it

1)The information we collected
a.The information you provided us
(a)Contact Information(Such as name and email address)
(b)Player's name and password
(c)Personal file information(Such as personal files photos)
(d)Message to service(Such as chat log and player support request list)
(e)Other information you choose to provide us(Such as the information used to identify the missing account number)
b.The information we collected automatically.
(a)Information about your account number and game progress
(b)Your IP address and mobile device identification code(Such as your device ID-Advertising ID-MAC address / IMEI)
(c)Information about your device, such as device name, operating system, browser and language
(d)The data we collect with Cookies and similar technologies(See below)
(e)General location data
(f)Accurate geographic location data( GPS,need your permission.)
(g)Service usage information(Such as game information, and how you interact with other players in your service)
※In most cases, we will also create a YOGAME specific ID for you when you use the service
c.The information we collect from our partners
(a)The data we receive when you use a service-linked third party tool such as Facebook WeChat or Google
(b)demographic data (For example, data used to roughly locate IP addresses)
(c)Information used to combat fraud(Such as abuse of refund mechanism or ad click fraud in the game)
(d)Data from the game execution platform(For example, information used to verify payment)
(e)Information for advertising and analysis, through which we provide you with better services
2) Why do we collect your information
a.To make the service work effectively.
In order to fulfill the contract, we handle the necessary information on the following items:
(1)Establish an account,to allow you to play our games and use our services
(2)Operational services
(3)Validation and confirmation of payments
(4)Provide and deliver the products and services you require
(5)Transmit service related communications to you
b.Make the service more suitable for our players
To provide excellent services to players, we have a legitimate interest in collecting and processing the necessary information for the following items:
(a)Update and develop player profile
(b)Develop and improve services and player experiences
(c)Manage our relationship with you
(d)Providing social functions as part of a service
(e)Customizing your Service Experience
(f)Respond to your comments and questions and provide player support
(g)Provide your services and other websites and YOOGAME preferential service via email
(h)Transfer related information to you, such as updates, security warnings, and support messages
(i)Enable you to communicate with other players
c.Display Personalized Advertising
In order to display personalized advertising in services and other websites and services (including e-mail), we have a legitimate interest in processing the necessary information for the following items:
(a)Track related content and online behavior that you access using the service
(b)Providing , positioning and improving our advertising and services
※For more information on quitting personalized advertising, see the section below, "Your rights and Options"
d.Maintaining Security and Fairness of Services
Ensuring a level playing field in services is our top priority. For more information about our use of the regulations, see YOOGAME terms of Service.
In order to maintain the security and fairness of the service and its social functions, combat fraud and ensure other aspects of the rules of use, we have a legitimate interest in processing the necessary information for the following items:
(a)Analysis and monitoring services and the use of their social functions
(b)Automatic or manual control of chat content
(c)Dealing with players who engage in fraud or misconduct
e.Analyze, analyze, and partition data
Based on the above situation and purpose, we may analyze, dissect, and partition all the collected data
f.Processing the information with your consent
With your consent, we may process your data for other purposes, such as using your GPS location to show you local activities.
3)Who can see your information
In addition to the YOOGAME platform, others may have access to your data in the following situations:
1.Other players and users
Social function is the core of our game. For example, other players or users may see your profile, in-game activity, and read your published messages。
2.Partners working for YOOGAME
YOOGAME has a partner for our service. These partners will only process your information in accordance with YOGAME's instructions to provide services, such as hosting events, supporting players, advertising, analyzing and preventing fraud.
(a)Other companies and government authorities
In order to combat fraud and illegal activities, we may exchange information with other companies and organizations and hand it over to the Administration in response to legal requirements.
We may also disclose your information on the basis of your consent, in order to comply with the law, or to protect the rights, property and security of us, players or others。
(b)Advertising and social media partners
Services include features from partners, such as social media interactive tools and in-game advertising. These partners may access your information and comply with their privacy principles. It is recommended that you review their privacy principles to gain an in-depth understanding of their data processing practices. 4)International data transfer
Our services are global in nature, so your data may be transmitted anywhere in the world. Since different countries may have data protection laws that are different from yours, we seek to ensure that adequate safeguards are in order to protect your information as described in this principle. Appropriate protection measures that our partners may use, including standard contract terms approved by the European Commission, and access to Privacy Shield certification when information is transferred to the United States
5)Your rights and options
1.Opt out of Email Marketing and other direct marketing
You can choose to no longer receive such communications in our promotional newsletter, such as marketing emails.
2.Opting out of Targeted Advertising
You can use the privacy settings of your Android or IOS device and choose "Limit ad tracking" (Apple iOS) or "opt out of interest-oriented ads" (Android) to opt out of interest-oriented ads on the application
※If you want to opt out of a personalized in-game offer, you can use the options provided in the game settings
3.Obtain the personal information we hold about you
If you so request, we will provide a copy of your personal data in electronic format
4.Your Other Rights
You also have the right to correct your data, delete your data, object to the way we use and share your information, and restrict the way we use or share your data. You may withdraw your consent at any time, such as turning off GPS location sharing in the setting of an action device
We will answer all requests within a reasonable time. If you still have a problem with the privacy or information that is not satisfactorily resolved, please contact our third party dispute resolution agency in the United States (free). You can also contact your local EEA data protection Agency to handle unresolved complaints.
6)COOKIE and similar technologies
As with most online services, we and our partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide services and personalized services, analyze usage, target-oriented advertising, and prevent fraud. You can deactivate Cookie in your browser settings, but some of your service content may not function properly
7)How do we protect your information
1.Safety Assurance
To ensure that players have a secure gaming experience, we continue to develop and implement management, technical, and physical security measures to protect data from unauthorized access, loss, misuse or alteration
2.Data Retention
We'll keep the information during the period when your account is valid or within the period required to provide you with the service. For example, we will periodically cancel the unused game account, and periodically review the unnecessary information to remove it from recognition.
Please note that if you request us to delete your personal data, we will reserve the necessary information for lawful commercial interests (e.g. compliance with legal obligations, dispute resolution and enforcement agreements).
8) Age Limit
We will not knowingly collect or solicit the personal particulars of any person under the age of 13, will not knowingly target an advertisement for an interest in a person under 13 years of age or point the advertisement to such an individual or knowingly let such an individual use our services. If you are under 13 years of age, please do not send us any of your information, including your name, address, telephone number or email address. Individuals under the age of 13 shall not provide any personal data. If we find that we have collected the personal data of children under 13 years of age, we will delete it as soon as possible. If you think we may have information or related information from children under 13 years of age, please contact us.